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Feeling frustrated and don’t know what to make your speech about? Don’t panic! AboutTopics.com has a lot to offer. Find various articles with advice and lists of topics that can help you out. In this article you can find tips for finding the best topics.

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The best way to find a good topic is brainstorming. Just take a piece of paper and start writing different words that spring to your mind. You can look around and write things you see as well. When you have a pretty long list, long enough to choose from, start developing each item into different topics. Make about 3 topics for each word so then you will have a good selection of great topics.

It might seem difficult to develop topics from each word, but try to be creative here. For example, if you have word book in your list, then you can make so many topics only out of that word. You can talk about your favourite book, your favourite author, your favourite genre in literature or you can even comment on a quote about books, something like “A good book has no ending” or “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers”.  It is also a good idea to make a speech about your favourite poem. You can read that poem out loud and then talk about its meaning and what it represents.

If you still can’t really understand how this brainstorming technique works, then here is another example for you. You have written word photograph since you are sitting right in front of your photo frames on the wall. You can get many topics only out of that one word. For example: Who invented first photographs or How photographs were made 50 years ago. You can also choose your favourite photographer, print out his best works and talk about them while showing pictures to the audience. If you are interested in high tech inventions, talk about digital images and newly invented digital photo frames. Just be creative and think what would be interesting for you.

There are also more useful articles for you. Read more about speech ideas and persuasive speech topics to get more useful tips!

As you can see the number of possible topics can be endless, just be creative and make many different speech topics so then you can choose the best one. Good Luck!

If you need more inspiration you can look through our list of TOP 20 SPEECH TOPICS:

1. Basic Survival Skills

2. Blue collar vs. white collar status

3. Body clock

4. Capitalism

5. Critic of recent book, movie, or play

6. Desert Island

7. Effective communication

8. Folk arts

9. Glasses & contact lenses

10. How technology has changed / will change our lives

11. Managing stress
12. Presentation skills

13. Radio, television and film

14. Recent advances in sciences

15. Running a business
16. Signs & symbols

17. The secret of happiness

18. Turning weakness to strength

19. Volunteers
20. Zodiac

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