Speech Ideas


Giving a speech can be fun if you pick a fun topic! 

So it all depends on you: make it a fun and enjoyable process and get an excellent grade instead of being boring and unsuccessful. However it’s not easy to come up with a good topic right away so take your time and read this short article which will reveal secrets on how to come up with some good speech ideas.

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And here are some tips for you. First of all, decide which kind of speech you are going to give. There are 4 main kinds of speeches:

informative, persuasive, demonstrative, and special occasion.

The main goal of giving an informative speech is to deliver a message to the audience. You have to research your topic and get as much information as you can and it has to be new and interesting to your audience. The topic has to be relevant to their age and tastes. It is also the best idea to pick a subject that you really care about.

Persuasive speech is all about convincing your audience to take your side. Choose a controversial issue that has two points of view. Pick a side that you have strong feelings about and make sure you can find enough evidence to prove it. You need some firm facts, such as statistics, graphs, historical examples, and quotes, to support your opinion and make it look persuasive. Your audience can also ask you some questions after your speech is done, so be prepared and know all aspects of your issue. You have to be able to defend your topic.

Demonstrative speech has a goal to teach your audience how to make something, how to fix something, demonstrate to them how something is done, or how something works. Using visual aids, you can easily show the process to the audience and provide your demonstration with some background information and instructions.

Special occasion speeches have to be relevant to the event. Consider required style: if it has to be formal and serious, make it formal, if it is better to create relaxed and casual mood, make it casual. Don’t forget about timing – making your speech too long can mess up the planning of whole event. As in any kind of speech, it is important to be prepared; here it is vital – your speech at the event has to be perfect. Don’t forget that practice makes perfect.

So now you have a general idea about different kinds of speeches. Though all of them are different, there are 3 main factors that you should keep in mind when choosing your topic: interest, audience and time.

Firstly, your topic has to be interesting for you. Secondly, it has to be interesting and relevant to your audience also. And third important thing is timing: if you have to speak for more than 10 minutes, you can pick a broader subject, but if you have to speak for 5 minutes then you’d better narrow your topic down to something specific.

You can also read some more articles on persuasive speeches and speech topics to get inspirational ideas and tips for the best speeches.

Keeping all of the above in mind will help you to prepare a perfect speech that will bring you an excellent grade and keep your audience interested. Good luck!

Here is the list of TOP 20 SPEECH TOPICS for you: 

1. Urban Myths (what are they, examples, how are they spread and why are they believed?)

2. Famous Conspiracy Theories

3. Brand Names Cost More, But Is The Quality Any Better?

4. Home Improvement

5. Best Books to Read

6. Terrorism Has Never Brought Positive Benefits

7. How to Improve Reading and Remembering

8. Fashion is Based on Social Mood

9. Divorce and the Effects on Children

10. Rules for Using Social Media Responsibly

11. Food Fads or Food Fashions - how have they changed over the years?

12. The Weirdest Invention - when and why it was invented

13. What is Inflation?

14. New Ways to Save Gasoline

15. This Day in History - a slice of major events from around the world for the date you are giving your speech

16. An understanding of the past is necessary for solving the problems of the present

17. Preserving Nature's Beauty

18. Conservation and Recycling: Is it Important?

19. How time has been kept through history - from sun clocks to digital watches

20. How Being a Sports Fan Can Teach You Geography

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