Seminar topics


What makes a good seminar topic? First of all, let’s define what the main goal of a seminar is. Different seminars are providing a good chance for updating the knowledge or even giving completely new information to the audience. Keeping that in mind, you can find a good topic.

Find a topic in your field which is the most interesting to you. This will help you to make a great seminar and to enjoy the whole making process as well.

Seminar is like telling a story. You need to decide what kind of mood to set for your seminar: whether it’s going to be serious or informal. Will it be appropriate to use a touch of humor?

It is also important to use visual aids. They can be helpful to you and your audience. However, keep in mind that visual aids are there to support you, not to replace you.

Introduce your topic with a bright slide with a relevant picture to catch attention of your audience. Clearly state your topic, so your audience will have an idea of what your seminar is going to be about. Let them know why your topic is interesting and exciting.

It is also very important to consider how much information your audience might already know about your topic. It has to be new or based on current events. You can get inspiration for topics simply by looking through latest magazines, newspapers, Internet articles, news releases on TV, etc. Just pick a subject that you already know something about, research it in all aspects, choose the most important points and include them in your seminar. Make your audience interested with something that is interesting to you as well. Be passionate about your topic, but avoid very expressive language.

You don’t have to be a skillful public speaker in order to deliver a successful seminar. Remember that practice makes perfect. You have to speak to your audience with conviction and passion. Don’t forget about your voice projection, you have to be loud enough for people to hear you. Make eye contact. Finally, be enthusiastic and animated.

Prior to your seminar think about anticipated questions. You have to be well prepared for the questioning part also. Be ready to answer various questions and defend your point of view. Remain relaxed and don’t be nervous. Remember that if your audience has a lot of things to ask then it means that your seminar was interesting. You are an expert in your topic so that will be a great opportunity for you to share your knowledge with somebody else. Good luck!