Presentation Ideas

Choosing a perfect presentation topic is a very important step in the presentation making process. Here you can find some general presentation topic ideas which can be helpful to make the right choice. At the bottom of the page you can find 1 minute presentation with the main tips on how to pick the best presentation topic. 
In order to find a good topic, think about all of the subjects that you know something about or maybe would like to know more about. It is also a good idea to make your presentation on a topic that is fascinating for you. 

You should also think: What amuses you? What can make you happy or sad? What can be inspiring for you? It’s not easy to pick a good topic, but consider the fact that it will determine the whole presentation itself. Only something that really interests you can bring you the most enjoyment in the presentation making process. 

Don’t forget about your audience either. It is important to consider age, preferences and tastes of your audience when choosing one of your presentation ideas. Think about something that will be interesting for you and for your audience as well. Be prepared for possible questions and discussion after your presentation. That’s why it is important to pick a topic which will have enough background data, so you can be armed with facts to defend your point of view and ideas.

Not of a less importance will be to say that you need to consider your time. For some broad topics 5 minutes time limit will not be enough, because they have too many aspects to talk about, but some easy topics will not cover 20 minutes of given time. Consider this fact and there will be no problems on a way to create your perfect presentation.

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There are uncountable numbers of topics for you in this world, so just use your imagination and creativity to make the right choice! We provide you with a List of Top 20 Topics for your presentations, so feel free to use one of them as your topic or let them be an inspiration for your own, unique topic. Don't forget, that you can also use advanced search where 10 000 topics are sorted out by category and type, so you can easily find what you need. 

List of general presentation topics:

1) The wonders of the world

Beautiful places - best kept secrets

Famous presidents and their legacies

4) Authors and their biographies

True heroes and their stories

Inventions - how something came to be the way it is now

Ethnic foods

Urban legends and their reality

Special diets (e.g. Atkins, South Beach)

World religions

11) Racial discrimination

Gender discrimination

National health care


Computer crimes

Stocks and the Stock Market

What is inflation?

A historical timeline of the Internet or other significant technologies

Climate change


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