Interesting Presentation Topics

Looking for an interesting presentation topic? If you don’t want your listeners to fall asleep, read this guideline.

First step on a way to success is analyzing your listeners. Consider different aspects of your audience – is your presentation topic going to be relevant to their age, range of interests, tastes, needs? You can even ask your listeners of their opinion on some suggested topics before preparing your presentation, so then they will be looking forward to it, knowing possible topics beforehand. 

Second thing is: try to pick a subject that you are passionate about. Perform a deep research and it will help you to deliver your presentation with confidence.

Keep in mind the fact that your main task is to deliver the information, so don’t focus on yourself – focus on the quality of your message. Orator skills are important but you can’t deal without good power point slides either. Remember an easy KISS rule: Keep It Short and Simple. You are providing information for your audience and power point slides are only backing you up. Don’t count on them too much. If you put a lot of words on one slide it’s definitely going to be boring because everybody wants to listen to you, they can read at home. A few colorful pictures, which are not overwhelming, can help your audience to imagine the whole idea better.

Keeping these simple rules can help you to make a good presentation but picking a topic is a very important step as well. Try to make a list of some topics and then, looking at all of the tips written above, choose the most optimal one. Delivering your presentation with confidence and passion will keep your listener’s attention and help you to get a perfect grade so be prepared and practice a lot of times at home. Don't forget that
practice makes perfect!

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You can also find a list of some interesting presentation topics below: 

1) Why do we need vitamins?

2) What rights do children have when it comes to abusive parents?

3) Censoring the Internet

4) Is Euthanasia moral?

5) Should we be trying to prevent species becoming extinct? 

6) How will Global Warming end at its current pace? Explain the repercussions of being oblivious to nature

7) Does racism still exist today? 

8) Is adoption a trend in Hollywood?

9) Drinking and driving statistics

10) LSD - Miracle drug or means of addiction?

11) History of Pixar Animation Studio

12) The other side of the sun: Can my beautiful tan be harmful?

13) Plastic surgeries: a way to become more beautiful, or someone’s unhealthy idea?

14) How does music influence people?

15) Is spam causing a decline in email usage?

16) Are beauty contests harmful?

17) Is it morally acceptable to experiment on non-human animals to develop products and medicines that benefit human beings?

18) Media & effect of unequal information distribution in society

19) Effects of unemployment

20) The risk of cancer due to smoking

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