Debate Topics 

Looking for a debate topic and don’t know what to start from? It is not hard to find a perfect topic; all you have to do is consider few important points. First of all, the topic has to be interesting for everybody. Debate is all about verbal communication. Everyone who takes part in debate is involved in an argument to prove oneself right.  Everybody gets a chance to express their opinions or views and listen to others. In order to persuade your opponent, you will need some support with factual data, such as statistics or examples from history. Keep all that in mind in order to come up with a good topic.

Try to go over some current issues, which are being discussed around the world at the moment. That issue can be controversial as well. There are various problems, which have more than one point of view. In order to make your debate even more interesting, you can split into 2 teams and each team will have to defend certain side of the issue. That way you will get a hot discussion and talk on the problem from different points of view.

Remember that some topics can be offensive or inappropriate, so next important thing is considering participants of the debate. Make sure your topic is not concerning some provoking questions, connected with religion, race, gender, ethnicity, etc. You don’t want to hurt people or choose a topic that can lead to a fight or outburst of emotions. Consider the age of your audience as well. Inappropriate topic can be too difficult or too easy and you surely don’t want participants to have nothing to talk about.

It is important to consider all of the points above in order to pick a good debate topic. Just be creative and try to pick something intriguing and unique.