Finding some great presentation topics for computer science can be a difficult task but not for us! This article offers you some useful tips and a list of top 15 topics in computer science that you can use for your PowerPoint presentation.

There are tons of great topics that can be used for PowerPoint presentation. Look through this list of top topics:

  1. New legal aspects of computer crime
  2. Why every student today should be computer literate
  3. Examine the increase of fraud and scams on the Internet
  4. How computer viruses work and why they are dangerous
  5. Advances in voice synthesizers and voice recognition by computers
  6. Memory systems
  7. How new languages are developed
  8. Video games: Violence or fantasy?
  9. Computer graphics
  10. A career as a computer programmer (or systems analyst or computer scientist)
  11. Compare and contrast computers of today and those of twenty-five years ago
  12. Current research in artificial intelligence
  13. The technology of the IBM Harvard Mark I mechanical computer (1944)
  14. Telecommuting has changed people’s lives and their job environments
  15. The computer as a medium of cultural change

When you are making your presentation about computer science, don’t think that it has to be complicated and boring. You can make it fun. There are many topics in that field that can be very interesting to make presentation about. For example, if you like video games, you can prepare a presentation on the topic – Video games: Violence or fantasy? Maybe, you would like to tell everybody how video games are made or tested. Just pick anything you like and make it fun!

 You can talk about artificial intelligence and get everybody interested in latest innovations. You can easily find some interesting facts in the news or at various sites. It will be also a good idea to add a short video with demonstration of latest inventions in artificial intelligence.

Talking about computer crime can be fun too. You can find statistics and graphs that show different cases of computer or internet crime and at the same time give some advice to your audience how they can avoid any kind of computer crime.

As you can see those are only some topics that you can use. There is another useful article – Presentation Topics: Talk about Computers & Internet. Check it out as well!

Don’t forget that you can use our Advanced Search with 10 000 topics, sorted out by category and type.

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