Persuading others is not an easy task; however this challenge can be interesting and fun. The only 2 things you have to know are how to prepare this persuasive speech and how to pick good persuasive speech topics. You can find articles on Finding Good Persuasive Speech Topics and How to Make Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics in our blog. In order to find out how to prepare a persuasive speech, just keep reading this article!

If you need to make a persuasive speech, you will definitely need good argumentation. It brings proof and can convince, defend and even attack. Remember that argumentation strives to win!

It is important to be clear with what you are saying and why you are saying it.

Your approach has to be balanced and reasonable. This will bring the most effective and positive outcome – your audience will understand you and will be persuaded.

Don’t mix your emotions in the speech. Of course, emotions are powerful and they had moved nations, but you can’t build your speech around your emotions only, you need some raw facts and proof.

Next important tip to remember is be sincere – sincerity has a power to convince. Show that you care about the topic and that’s why it is important to pick a topic that you are truly interested in.

Another useful thing in the art of persuasion is integrity. Your speech has to flow naturally from the introduction to your supporting statements, examples and to the conclusion. Don’t jump from one point of view to another. Stick to the plan and keep it structured. Confusing your listeners is not what you need when  persuading.

You can also use humor, irony, satire, reason, and logic – anything that can help your argumentation. Just remember to keep it short and relevant.

And here is the list of top 10 topics for persuasive speeches so you can have an idea what to make yours about:

  1. Should high school students be required to learn a foreign language?
  2. Why is it important to study history?
  3. Does philosophy have a real place in the world?
  4. The Internet improves education
  5. What measures of academic ability should be used in schools?
  6. What truth is and where to find it
  7. What is the best lesson that education gives?
  8. For/Against home schooling
  9. There is nothing wrong with sameness
  10. Solitude is one of the happiest routes to happiness

Some of these topics can be easy for you, some might be challenging. Just pick one that you really feel like talking about and get your creative process started! Good luck!

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