It is not an easy task to persuade others, or to win an argument, or to make somebody do something. However, it is possible – all you have to do is know some basic rules. Read this article and learn how to choose interesting persuasive speech topics and how the art of persuasion can be used to really make your audience agree with your point of view.

First of all, let’s define main points of persuasive speeches. Your task is to find a topic on which you are able to give few points of view, then choose one of them and prove to your listeners that this opinion is really worth agreeing with. It is important to make your topic intriguing: for example, put it in the form of question – Is Coffee Bad for Your Health? instead of Effects That Coffee Has on Health. This form of your topic already calls your audience to  action – to answer your question. They might pick certain side right after hearing your topic. No matter what their choice is, your speech has a goal to support your point of view with factual data, such as graphs, statistics, or historical examples, and persuade your listeners that your idea is truly worth taking into consideration and even agreeing with.

It is of a crucial importance to find enough factual data. Remember that you can’t build your speech around personal ideas – you have to back them up with some convincing data from relevant sources.

Whenever you are trying to persuade somebody, remember a simple rule: make people want to take your side. Try to get them interested with statistics that vividly illustrates the advantages and strong points of your opinion.

Interesting persuasive speech topics can be various: you can take current issues, problems and solutions, causes and effects, etc. Anything, that can be controversial and have few points of view, will work for your topic. Check newspapers and TV news releases to get some fresh ideas – there are tons of discussions going on in the world every day, so just choose something that you feel passionate about. You can also look for an issue that has been worrying mankind for ages. It all depends on your range of interests. Just look for something that you feel interested and knowledgeable about. Be creative and get to work! Good luck!

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