You are in high school and don’t know what to prepare your speech assignment about? Don’t panic, it is not that hard to find good high school speech topics, just follow tips in this article and get the creative process started!

First of all let’s focus on the type of your speech. If your task is to prepare an informative speech, then you have to pick a topic that will be easy to find general information and some facts about. Informative speech has the main idea to present your high school speech topics with facts and examples so that your audience can learn something new and remember as much details as possible. So try to pick a topic that will be interesting and new to your listeners and at the same time will not be too difficult or overwhelmed with information. 

If you are to give a demonstration speech, then you need to come up with speech ideas of teaching others how to do something. Think about something that you are good at or something that you can do and now you will have an opportunity to share your knowledge with others. Read this article about demonstration speech ideas and get more details on how to prepare this kind of speech.

Persuasive speech requires more of your own opinions and viewpoints but still you need to back them up with some factual data as well. All you need to do is to pick a controversial topic and state your opinion on it. Then look for some facts that prove your opinion to be right and include them in your speech. Just make sure your topic and your opinion is not offensive for others. You can read this article about persuasive speech topics and find more details and topics there.

If your task is to prepare an entertaining speech, try to pick a topic that will be fun and interesting. The main task here is to describe a topic, using some good humor as well. The best idea is to give some funny examples to illustrate certain issue or include some good jokes. Just keep in mind that those jokes need to be relevant and make sure that they will not hurt anybody. More advice on how to choose fun speech topics read in our blog.

As you can see, different types of speeches require different kinds of topics. For each kind of speech you can find some great articles and high school speech topics to help you out. 

Don’t forget that you can use advanced search with 10 000 topics sorted out by category and type so that you can easily find what you need.

More speech ideas and 1 minute prezi presentation can be helpful as well. Feel free to use our resources and get the best grade!

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