Persuasive essays seem not that easy to write but don’t make your conclusions too fast. If you know some basic rules and if you have good persuasive essay topics, then it can be even fun to write this kind of an assignment. Just read this short informative article and start writing!

First of all let’s pick a topic. You know that half of the success depends on your essay topics, so try to put as much time and effort in this process as possible. Look through various topics, using our advanced search and find what you need. Don’t forget to consider next factors to make the right choice:

  • Interest. It is obvious that your topic has to be interesting for you and for your reader.
  • Relevancy. When choosing your topic, try to pick something that is relevant to your subject. You can always use controversial issues from the news, which are hot topics, being discussed all over the world or your country.
  • Requirements. It is very important to consider given space for writing. If you pick a topic that needs a lot of explanations and examples then you will have to make sure that you will fit in the given number of pages. And if your topic is too easy and you are supposed to write many pages then you will not be able to get a good grade. So think about that too.
  • Reader. Despite the fact that your topic has to be interesting for you, you need to think about your reader as well. When choosing a topic, make sure that your teacher or professor will be able to enjoy reading your essay rather than feel bored after first 2 lines.
  • Facts. Since you are trying to persuade your reader to take your side, you will need to provide some really bright examples and convincing facts. When you are choosing your topic, think what kind of evidence you can give for backing up your viewpoint. If it is not that easy to find something good enough to persuade your reader, then it is better to leave that topic for somebody else.

You are armed with the most important tips now and all you have to do is find your topic. You can also read some more articles on What Makes Good Persuasive Essay Topics and The Art of Persuasion.

Get more creative ideas from articles about persuasive speech and persuasive speech topics. Good luck!

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