If your assignment is to make an informative speech it doesn’t seem that hard. Another thing is making funny informative speech, but don’t panic – our advice can help you.  Read this article till the end and find out secrets on how to make your audience laugh.

So as you already know, informative speech has the main goal to share your knowledge with the audience. You have to include as much information as possible in your speech and all for the sake of educating your audience. So remember these simple key points and make the best speech.

Feel yourself as a professor giving a lecture: try to make them remember and understand the given information.

Use visual aids, such as graphs, diagrams, pictures. They can help your listeners to fully grasp the idea of your speech. Don’t forget that statistics or bright examples from history play an important role as well.

In order to make funny informative speech, you need to mix jokes with information in a smart way. Remember a simple rule – it is better to have less jokes, but good ones, than have a lot of silly jokes. Work on your jokes to make them appropriate.

In order to make good jokes, you need to make sure they are funny not only to you, but to others as well. You can make an experiment and tell them to your friends or relatives. They pretend to be your audience, and judge your speech and your jokes. If they laugh and find your jokes funny, then you should definitely include them in your speech. However, if after telling your jokes all you hear is crickets sound, then it’s better to forget about that joke.

If you want to find a funny topic, it is important to consider next points:

  • Make sure your topic is appropriate to your audience
  • Make sure it is relevant to your requirements of the assignment
  • Consider your audience – their age, tastes and range of interests
  • Make sure your topic is interesting

You can ask your family or friends if the topic you’ve chosen is interesting. It is a good idea to make a list of few topics and give it to them so they can tell which one is the best.

The main idea is to be creative and it is better to be unique and stand out with your funny informative speech topics, than use the first topic that you saw on the Internet. Put some time and effort in searching for a good topic and be sure – the half of the assignment is done!

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