Are you thinking to find some fun persuasive speech topics and can’t really come up with anything? Here are some ideas for you.

In order to make a persuasive speech that will be fun for you and the audience, you need to understand that your topic has to be fun as well. Think about something you are good at or you are interested in and then include some humor in your speech. This will have the most positive effect on your grade, and your speech will not be boring for your listeners.

So first of all, think of something you really care about. If you are worried about ecological situation of the world and you see that your friends are throwing trash simply on the ground, then this speech can be a great chance for you to try to persuade them that keeping our environment clean is very important. Don’t forget to include some jokes that can illustrate the whole idea, so your listeners can understand you better and agree with you. Using humor here can be very helpful.

You need to keep in mind next points:

  • Consider your audience, when you are choosing your topic. Make sure it will be appropriate for their age and tastes. When you are looking for a topic, make sure it is fun not only for you, but to your listeners as well.
  • Consider your time requirements. Just make sure that your topic is not going to take too long, or that you have too many jokes. Don’t forget, that good jokes require some time for your audience to laugh. It’s not a good idea to keep talking while everybody is still laughing at your joke. 
  • Make sure your topic is academic and meets your subject requirements. You might like video games and if you decide to persuade everybody to play your favorite shooter, make sure you are not going to do that for biology class. There are other ways to study anatomy.
  • If you are using humor in the speech, don’t forget that your jokes have to be relevant. And keep in mind that it is better to use fewer jokes that are good, than many silly jokes. A good way to make sure your topics are good is to “test” them on your family or friends. Make a rehearsal of the speech and keep those jokes, which were funny to your friends or family. 

Keep in mind all of the above and start looking for your topic. The main factor for a successful persuasive speech is to be confident. Practice your speech till it’s perfect and be sure to give a great speech with confidence. Good luck!

In the article on funny persuasive speech topics you can find more useful information for your speech.

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