Demonstration speeches are the most fun and easy speeches to deliver! Just imagine how great it is, when you can teach somebody how to do something! Demonstrative speech gives you a chance to feel yourself like an expert and pass your knowledge to others. All you have to do is explain and perform. So let’s focus on some ideas on how to make a good demonstration speech.

There are few kinds of demonstration speech ideas. You can make a speech on:

  • How to make something
  • How something is done
  • How something is working
  • How to fix …
  • How to use …
  • How to cook …
  • How to prepare …
  • How to learn …

And as you can see, the list can be endless. Just think about something you are good at, or something you are interested in. It is easier to make a demonstrative speech if you already know how to perform certain process. However, you can learn something new and special for the speech. For example, the easiest, but not well known trick is how to fold a T-shirt with only 3 moves in 3 seconds. And did you know that there are more than 80 ways to tie a tie? You don’t have to show all of them, but this can already make your speech, if you add some introduction about history of the necktie and some information on best quality tie brands.

You can use various visual aids or handouts, so everything will be clear to your audience and they can even come home and make the same thing you have taught them. For example, if you are demonstrating how to cook your favorite salad, you can write a list of ingredients and give it to everybody.  Share your knowledge with others!

Make sure you fit in the given time. That’s why you need to practice and see how much time it takes to finish your demonstrative speech. This kind of speech requires some practice, so don’t be lazy, because you don’t want to mess up everything if something goes wrong. Practice helps you to gain confidence and success with your speech.  So don’t waste any more time and get started!

You can also find some more information on good speech ideas here.

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