Having troubles with preparing a great speech for the perfect wedding? Don’t panic – just read this short article, full of best man speech ideas, and learn how to make a memorable speech and impress everyone with  warmhearted words!

You were chosen by your friend to be one of the most special guests at the wedding – best man. That means that you are expected to give a special speech. So how can you congratulate that happy couple and express your best wishes without boring everybody else to death? Here are some best man speech ideas for you.

In the beginning you need to introduce yourself and let others know why in your opinion you were chosen to be a best man. You can say that in a humorous way or maybe tell a short story of how you became best friends with the groom.

Don’t forget to express your gratitude to the couple for giving you such a splendid opportunity to be a best man at the wedding. Don’t be greedy with words here.

You can also compliment the bride and tell her how beautiful she looks at this special day. Compliments to the groom can be also made.

It is a good idea to tell other guests your special story of how you met the groom and how you became the best friends. It doesn’t have to be long. Just pick the most important moments and try to remind your friend once again why you guys are friends and how grateful you can be to the faith that brought you together.

Best man speech ideas can be also inspired by the story of how the happy couple has met or how they started dating. It is important to include some details that can be funny or cute for the couple and for the guests. However remember that it has to be relevant – their parents and grandmothers are listening to you!

 In the conclusion you can quote some great minds on the matter of marriage and give your best wishes to the newlyweds. Try to make your advice a little bit funny but serious at the same time. These words should be remembered and they can have a great influence on your friends. So try to put your heart in them and express your best feelings.

Now you can see that it is not that hard to prepare a nice speech with these best man speech ideas. Just be sincere and everything will work out!

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